WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?, INC (WWJD) is a 100% volunteer, non-denominational, non-profit organization assisting the homeless and working poor in Roseville, Auburn and Colfax.

All funds, donations and resources directly benefit the homeless and working poor in Placer County, addressing their immediate daily needs. From a mobile van in each community we serve our guests a warm breakfast and provide a bag full of food and snacks, 365 days each year at conveniently located sites. We provide clothing, blankets, tarps, sleeping bags, toiletries, laundry soap, pet food, and other sundries for our clients.

However just as important we try to provide friendship and a sense that they are welcomed and loved! We believe the homeless and others in need deserve an opportunity to advance their way back in the mainstream of society. Even if many of the needy we serve fail to achieve this goal, we believe trying is important, and some minimum support should be extended to those unable to achieve self-support.

(916) 786-9953

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